GB, SE, DK & NO CH, SE W-14, SE W-15, KBHW-15 Kybo Kickboxer "Claude"
Hips 4+8 (UK system), eyes clear (9/15)
DNA clear of NCL, DNA carrier of PLL,  RCD4 carrier
C.I.B, FI, EE & LT CH, JW-13 Kiranas Karabee "Muru"
Hips A/B, patellas 0/0, knees 0/0, eyes checked 9/2015 (distichiasis/couple extra lashes)
PLL, NCL, PRA3 & RCD4-clear by heritage

Born 22.3.2016




FI CH Kiranas Leodamour "Manu"
(17 months in the picture, pic by Minna Nummela)

Eyes clear (2/2018), Hips D/D 
Elbows 2/3, Knees 0/0

BOS, several BM-placements
5xCAC (FI)
ow. Pia Ilo, Kaarina


Kiranas Leonidas "Uuno"
ow. Riikka Mäkelä, Kaarina



FI & EE CH, EE & LT JCH, LTJW-17 Kiranas Laquisha Lee "Tuikku"
(12 monts in the picture, pic by Risto Nevalainen)
ow. Kiranas
& Saara Sallinen, Espoo